March 27, 2019 – Enterprise 4.0: ideas meet companies

Inspiring Software: successful case history of predictive maintenance

Next Wednesday 27 March at 17:00, Eng. Giulia Baccarin will be a guest at the conference “Predictive Maintenance: predictive monitoring of plants and machinery for an economic and safety advantage” organized by BIE, Brescia Industrial Exhibition at the headquarters of the Giornale di Brescia.

Giulia Baccarin is co-founder of MIPU, a group of companies dedicated to bringing Artificial Intelligence into the world of the factory. Inspiring Software, as a founding partner of the group, has created a series of solutions with the Rebecca platform that daily guide companies in the transition from traditional to predictive maintenance. Eng. Baccarin will talk about some specific cases of the Brescia area, quantifying the benefits in terms of optimizing maintenance activities, controlling energy consumption and making production more efficient.

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