Modular Hardware Platform for the industry

Why Davide:


Create wireless, wired and mixed networks for data acquisition and processing. Davide offers multiple types of connectivity, communication protocols and interfaces towards software platforms.
It can be updated remotelywith new features that increase its value.

Iot App Network

Intelligence and Interconnection make Davide a fundamental element of IoT architecture and the digitalization of the physical world.
It is possible to imagine its infinite applications and create Connected, Collaborative and Predictive environments.


A hardware platform modular, expandable and multifunctional: three-phase meter, I / O, gateway, data concentrator, propagation node, datalogger. Davide
allows you to quickly create IoT and M2M applications and services for use in any sector

Edge Computing

Acquire, historicize and elaborate with Davide the data coming from sensors or other devices.
It uses configurable predictive aggregation and analysis functions remotely with Development and Modeling tools

A hardware totally
compliant and dedicated to Industry

Designed and tested for industrial environments,
operating temperature from -5 ° C to + 55 ° C.
Complies with the 8 main standards:
EN 55022: 2010;
EN 55024: 2010;
EN 55032: 2012;
EN 61000-3-2;
EN 61000-4;
EN 60950-1;
EN 61010-1;
EN 60747-5-2; CE.

Davide: an IoT Ecosystem for the Enterprise

Basic system

It is the basic element of the Davide platform,
it  physically connects all other modules.

In it reside the power section, the
datalogger, the connection processor, which
manages the slave Modbus RTU port, the USB port
and the user interface.

Smart module

This module, based on a Linux computer
Embedded, supports the Kura IoT framework;
manages the transport of subnet data to
the IP
It is possible to implement applications for several

Energy Meter module

The Energy Meter function module provides the
platform the measurement of consumption functionality
of Electricity and qualitative analysis of the

Radio module

Adds Davide Wireless M-Bus connectivity on the frequency of 868MHz or169MHz. He can have both the remote node function and the concentrator.

I / O module

Adds input / output functionality to Davide.

Universal I / O Base module

Allows to acquire data from sensors RTD PT10 /
50/100/500/1000 / NI120, Thermocouples B, E, J, K,
N, S, R, T, Thermistors, 0-10V and 4-20mA signals in
totally programmable and configurable
via software.

Universal I / O module

The expansion, always associated with the Module
Universal I / O Base, allows you to have
additional digital and analog inputs / outputs.

Download Davide's Datasheet:

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